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Follow the Verge news today, the crypto news Verge can be followed via their official Twitter account. Only official and real information would be distributed through the account below. Do you read news somewhere else? Then check if it’s also listed here to verify it.

for anyone who would like to beta test the windows electrum wallet, i just compiled a binary and posted it here: (please open an issue on the same repository if you find any bugs) $XVG

If you didn't already know - Here are just a few of the many exciting milestones achieved so far by @vergecurrency ...paving the way in the blockchain space to mass adoption by providing easy access, usability and creating awareness.
#XVG $XVG #Vergecurrency

3 yrs ago, i released the tor android wallet for verge, and surprisingly, to this day, it still works fine and has about 10k daily users. alas, i made some updates to it, put the code on the vergecurrency github, and published it to google play. $XVG

Notice to @vergecurrency $XVG community:

This is fake website. They also have a fake telegram group they will add you too.

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Verge price prediction 2020

With the investment in crypto currency you’ll of course want to make an estimation about the price expectation. Everybody wants to buy crypto which is expected to go up. But what about Verge 2020? What is the Verge price prediction  for this year? We advise you to keep a close eye on the news. On this page you can find the latest news on twitter and you can follow the course table live.

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