Selling Bitcoin for cash

Sell Bitcoin

Selling bitcoin or other cryptocurrency? There are several ways to do this quite easily and get it to your account quickly. Below is an overview of the best options to sell bitcoin for Euros.


Where do you sell BTC with a quick payout to the Dutch bank?

Sell BTC


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When to sell Bitcoin?

Selling Bitcoin for Euros can be done at any time of the day, whether it’s a public holiday or a weekend. The same goes for buying bitcoin. The digital world of Bitcoin never sleeps, and the global network ensures that a buyer is always found quickly. This is nice because you can get your money in your hands so quickly, at least when the transfer has already taken place at the bank.

The sale may always take place together with the order to transfer the money to your bank account, but after that it is entirely up to the bank within what time frame you can actually dispose of the money. So the sale of Bitcoin takes place via a bitcoin platform which charges a small fee for the transaction.

How to sell Bitcoin?

Anyone who has patiently waited for the right moment and can finally sell the Bitcoins at the best Bitcoin price should be quick with the transfer. This means that all data must be filled in quickly, otherwise the broker will be forced to sell the received Bitcoins at a different (then valid) rate. The best way to do this is to sell Bitcoin IDEAL, because IDEAL is the quickest way to fulfill transactions. Another important point is that IDEAL is a very reliable and secure way to settle transactions.

Sell Bitcoin without a limit

The mineral fairy is also important for a quick settlement because if the fairy is too low, people will not be inclined to sell quickly. Keep all this in mind before the order to sell is given.

Another important point to keep in mind is that you don’t want to sell too much at once. There are always limits on the quantity to make sure that a buyer will be found. Remember that this is still a market mechanism of buying and selling. An interested party who will buy a large amount of money in one go, will not get an easy sale and therefore has a good chance of not finding a buyer in a large quantity.

Therefore, if you want to sell a large quantity, try to give multiple sales orders. There is no limit to this and you can be sure that you will succeed with some of the orders.

How to sell bitcoin for cash?

So, to sell Bitcoin for cash is quite simple and you just have to take into account that every transaction is accompanied by a miner’s fee. There is also a limit on the amount that can be sold at one time, and the order to transfer the money to your bank account is approved. The amount of the Bitcoin selling limit often depends on your verification. It is also possible that it may vary from one crypto platform to another. For most crypto exchanges, it is over €10,000+ per sale.

How does selling Bitcoin for euro work?

It may sound crazy to the beginner, but selling Bitcoins for Euros is as easy as making a transaction through the bank. Of course, you’ll need a broker or exchange like Btcdirect, Litebit, Bitvavo, or Bitcoin Meester. This ensures that the sale can take place on the digital platform where many potential buyers can be found. In addition to a quick sale, the level of the price is also very important. But you are free to sell whenever you want. Selling BTC is very easy, you choose one of the above mentioned parties where you have to send the coins, during the sales process where it is indicated how many euros you will receive on your IBAN account. In most cases you will receive it within 1 or 2 working days.

Sell BTC

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