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The exchange to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

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The exchange to buy only bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin.

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Follow the Monero news today, the crypto news Monero can be followed via their official Twitter account. Only official and real information would be distributed through the account below. Do you read news somewhere else? Then check if it’s here to verify it.

The new release (v0.17.0.0) of the GUI wallet is almost ready, now we need translators!

Monero Meet 2020-09-19

We discuss the Monero 0.17 release, the Perkins Coie "privacy coin" whitepaper, and other compliance topics. Dr. Daniel Kim discusses Monero: Sound Money, Safe Mode. Is Monero the most prestigious coin? #MoneroMeet

If you use @rotkiapp for portfolio tracking you'll be pleased to know they're working on Monero integration. If you're not using Rotki, and handing your information over to some web service, I question your sanity... 😉

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Monero price prediction 2020

With the investment in crypto currency you’ll of course want to make an estimation about the price expectation. Everybody wants to buy crypto which is expected to go up. But what about Monero 2020? What is the Monero price prediction for this year? We advise you to keep a close eye on the news. On this page you will find for example the latest news ia twitter and you can follow the course table live.

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