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Follow the Cosmos news today, the crypto news Cosmos can be followed via their official Twitter account. Only official and real information would be distributed through the account below. Do you read news somewhere else? Then check if it’s here to verify it.

🚨 Chainsafe is excited to announce our first community call with the @ethermint team next Wednesday, Jan 27 @ 3:30pm ET 🚨.

We will update the community on project and testnet status, have a Q&A, discuss future plans, and all else in between!

Join here:

⚠️To All @cosmosvalidator⚠️

New validator-centric channel available in the @cosmos #Discord Server:

🔐Limited Access
‼️ High-priority announcements
🚀Upgrades Coordination
🤝Assistance from more experienced Validators & Core Devs

🎖️Q4 Funding Recipients🎖️


We're happy to announce Interchain Foundation's Q4–2020 Grantees:
⭐️ @AltheaNetwork
⭐️ @apeunit
⭐️ @SikkaTech
⭐️ @_fissionlabs
⭐️ Sam Panter
⭐️ Bianjie AI
⭐️ Todd Santoro Design

📝Details of the Projects

1/11 Today in @cosmos:
✅governance Proposal #34 🌔LUNA MISSION 🌔 for
funding $ATOM awareness has passed with 74% YES!
Details 👉
129,208 $ATOM will be used to increase awareness on the value proposition of $ATOM and the Cøsmos Hub.
#todayincosmos $ATOM

The deeper I dig into @cosmos, the more bullish I get 🔥

They have relentlessly built Tendermint (consensus algo) since 2014, are about to unleash IBC, which enables true Interoperability, and wrap that into the Cosmos SDK!

And that Github activity is nuts 👀 $ATOM

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Cosmos rate expectations 2020

With the investment in crypto currency you’ll of course want to make an estimation about the price expectation. Everybody wants to buy crypto which is expected to go up. But what about Cosmos 2020? What is the Cosmos forecast for this year? We advise you to keep a close eye on the news. On this page you will find for example the latest news ia twitter and you can follow the course table live.

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