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Bitvavo is one of the most popular exchanges worldwide.



Bitvavo exchange

Bitvavo is a website where you can easily buy and sell various crypto currencies. All this can be done without having too much knowledge and experience. This is one of the reasons why the Bitvavo Exchange has become one of the most popular crypto exchanges. In this article we will explain how the Bitvavo Exchange works.

Bitvavo login and register

Registering at Bitvavo has been made very simple. You only have to fill in a few necessary personal details. After doing this, you will receive an email containing a link, which you have to click on to go to the next step.

After this it is possible to get started right away. Via the button ‘account’ Bitvavo offers you the possibility to set up additional security measures. To do so, follow the steps indicated by Bitvavo.

Bitvavo log in

Bitvavo identity verification

At Bitvavo, you will only be asked for passport or ID verification if you wish to purchase large amounts of €2500 or more. It is not possible to do the verification by uploading a driver’s license. This is a legal obligation imposed on Bitvavo to prevent possible money laundering.

Here is what the verification looks like on Bitvavo’s website

Bitvavo verificatie

Depositing Euro’s in your Bitvavo account

Bitvavo allows you to purchase more than 50 different crypt currencies. For example, you get the opportunity to buy Bitcoin, but also Ethereum or Litecoin.

In order to obtain one of these crypto currencies, you must first deposit money for it. Bitvavo has a minimum amount of €1.00 and a maximum amount of €10,000.

Adding Euro’s to your Bitvavo account consists of a few simple steps. These are as follows:

  1. The first step is to make sure your phone is verified and linked to your Bitvavo account.
  2. Then click on deposit euro’s in the dashboard menu
  3. Choose the amount you want to deposit in euros
  4. Choose one of the payment options offered by Bitvavo (iDEAL is also possible).
  5. Finally, follow the steps shown on the screen

Storten crypto Bitvavo

Once you have followed the steps, you will see the amount in Euros in your personal account. After you have done this you can convert the Euro’s in your account to any crypto currency of your choice.

Buying crypto on Bitvavo

When you’ve filled your balance sheet with Euros. Then you’ll be able to take the step to buy the desired crypto currency of your choice. For example, you will be given the choice to buy Bitcoins, but also other crypto currencies. To do this, you will need to follow a few steps. These are as follows:

  1. Go to the dashboard
  2. Then click on the crypto coin you want to purchase
  3. Make sure you have pressed the ‘Purchase’ tab.
  4. Now fill in the amount in Euro’s you want to exchange for the desired crypto coin.
  5. Click on ‘Buy’

If you already own any Bitcoin, you have the option to follow the same steps to sell the Bitcoin you own for any other cryp currency of your choice.

Crypto kopen Bitvavo

Move your Bitcoin to an exchange from Bitvavo

It is possible to move the crypt currency in your possession from Bitvavo to another exchange. You may have plans to purchase a different crypto currency than they offer at Bitvavo. In that case, Bitvavo offers you the possibility to move your cryptocurrency to another exchange.

For example, to transfer Ethereum to the Binance exchange, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Go to the Bitvavo dashboard
  • Choose the currency in your possession that you want to move
  • Here you can see how much the balance of this currency is
  • Choose the amount you want to move, taking into account the fee of the transaction. The fee will be deducted from the amount you move.
  • Now you get to see the total amount including the withheld fee for this.
  • Then choose the address to which you want to move your crypt currency.

The last step is crucial for moving the crypt currency. Make sure you check it properly, to avoid accidentally sending it to the wrong address. Some time may elapse before you receive the crypto sent to your account.

Exchange BItvavo

Sell Bitvavo from cryptocurrency

If you have a number of crypto coins to sell and would like to sell them on Bitvavo for Euros, you will be offered the opportunity to do so. To do so, select ‘Sell’ and follow the next steps:

  • Choose the crypt currency you want to sell through your personal dashboard
  • Then click on the ‘Sell’ tab
  • Now fill in the quantity of the coin of your choice you want to sell

Your chosen crypt currency will then be converted into euros and shown to you. After this you can decide to pay out the crypto currency to your desired account. Bitcoin’s rates are highly variable. It is important to take this into account

Note: You can only transfer money to your account once you have verified it. To do this, you need to go to ‘account’, then click on ‘link bank account’. After you have done this, you need to transfer an amount of €1 via, for example, IDEAL to verify your bank account.

To transfer the desired amount in euro’s to your own bank account, choose ‘Withdraw euro’s’ in the dashboard. Then follow the steps indicated by Bitvavo.

Bitcoin verkopen Bitvavo

Deposit Crypto coins from other exchanges or wallets to Bitvavo

Of course, you may want to use Bitvavo to store crypto currency, or purchase certain crypto coins on Bitvavo that may not be available on other exchanges. For this purpose, Bitvavo offers the possibility to deposit crypto currencies that you have in another exchange or in your wallet to your Bitvavo account.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Use the ‘dashboard’ on the coin you want to deposit to your liking.
  • After having done this click on the tab ‘deposit’.
  • The address is then shown here
  • Copy the address shown and paste this withdrawal to your account on another exchange or wallet.
  • Next click on send to send the deposit

Storten crypto Bitvavo

Bitvavo App

Bitvavo offers the possibility to sell crypto currency via a handy mobile App. With the handy crypto app, it’s possible to buy, sell or trade more than 50 different crypto currencies for other currencies. It is also possible to use the Bitvavo App as a crypto wallet for your other crypto currency and Bitcoin.

The app is very suitable for beginners and very easy to use. You can easily buy Bitcoin and other crypto via IDEAL or a SEPA transfer. The Bitvavo exchange is very suitable for beginners. Advanced users can use advanced trading.

The set Bitvavo fees for transactions and Bitvavo fees

When Bitvavo started, it started as a broker. Currently, the entire platform is being converted to an exchange. This is mainly done because they want to be the cheapest cryptocurrency platform in the Netherlands, so Bitvavo costs are very low per transaction. This also makes it possible to purchase exchange credits, for example with IDEAL. As of March 8th, the exchange was launched and is available for all existing customers that Bitvavo knows.

Registering and creating an account with Bitvavo is completely free of charge. Bitvavo is a broker that acts as an intermediary between you and the exchange. Bitvavo makes it very easy for users to buy crypto currency and charges a small fee in the form of Bitvavo fees.

Some advantages of the Bitvavo exchange compared to other crypto exchanges:

  • Bitvavo fees per transaction are very low, on average between 0 and 0.25%.
  • Quick and easy credit topping up via IDEAL
  • It is easy to buy crypt currency for beginners. For experienced traders Bitvavo offers an advanced section.
  • Bitvavo offers the possibility to save for extra discount by trading more.

Bitvavo review

Bitvavo is an excellent exchange for beginners, which focuses on keeping things simple for the user. This ensures that cryptocurrency can easily be bought, sold and traded. The trading platform looks modern and works very easily because of its user friendliness.

Unlike many other Dutch brokers, Bitvavo has a very wide range of different cryptocurrency. This will most likely be expanded in the future with even more new crypto’s available. In addition, the platform is regularly updated, with the latest developments in the crypto market and to make it even easier to use.

Our conclusion with regard to Bitvavo is that it is an excellent trading platform, for beginners as well as for the more experienced traders in the crypto market.

Bitvavo user experiences

The Bitvavo experiences of users are very positive. Users of the Bitvavo exchange talk mainly about the nice user-friendliness and reliability. Bitvavo is very clear and easy to work with. This trading platform is ideal for anyone who has little time, but still wants to be and remain involved with the crypto market. You can participate in the crypto market with relatively little effort and effort.

Bitvavo has a great 4/5 star rating from over 2500 user reviews (!).

Is Bitvavo reliable to use?

Bitvavo is known to attach great importance to the reliability of the company. They are constantly working on the safety of the user and therefore share a lot of information about the way they work on safety. For example, for each new device that logs on to Bitvavo, permission must be given separately.

Personal information of users such as passports, identity cards and other personal data is stored encrypted by Bitvavo. This is done in order to ensure security for Bitvavo users at all times.

In addition to personal security, Bitvavo also secures the client’s assets. This is done through the foundation that has been set up, called the Bitvavo Payments Foundation. This foundation has been set up to secure the assets of the customer in case of bankruptcy. All currencies are then arranged by a third party, so there is nothing under Bitvavo B.V.’s own control.

As far as we are concerned, the question whether Bitvavo is reliable to use as an exchange, can be answered with a big YES.

Bitvavo contact with customer service

Bitvavo’s customer service has a very fast response time. The advice is to first look up your question on the website, between the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Here the most frequently asked and general questions to Bitvavo are highlighted. It is considered great that your answer is listed here.

If the answer to your question is not listed here, Bitvavo offers you the opportunity to contact one of its employees personally. This can be done through various channels, such as e-mail or live chat.

The Bitvavo contact team aims to respond within 24 hours at all times.

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Follow the Bitvavo news today, the crypto news Bitvavo can be followed through their official Twitter account. Only official and real information would be distributed through the account below. Do you read news somewhere else? Then check if it’s here to verify it.

🚀Bitvavo Announcement🚀

As of today, Bitvavo is officially registered with the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Discover what that means for our clients and the digital asset industry in general at:



🚀Bitvavo exchange update🚀

Bitvavo is proud to announce that it has launched its improved exchange interface, offering numerous new trading features such as stop limit orders and Tradingview visual trading integration.

Check it now: https://account.bitvavo.com/markets/BTC-EUR

~ Bitvavo

🚀Bitvavo Announcement🚀

Bitvavo is proud to announce the latest addition to its extensive security measures. As of today, Bitvavo has implemented an insured cold storage solution.

More info: https://blog.bitvavo.com/bitvavo-launches-new-custody-integrations/

~ Bitvavo

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🌟3K Reviews🌟

Last week we received our 3,000th review on
@Trustpilot. We are always keen to listen to our users and improve our services accordingly which resulted in a 4.5/5 rating making Bitvavo one of the best rated digital asset companies in Europe.

~ Bitvavo

⚠️Bitvavo Warning⚠️

We have noticed that Bitvavo users which have (or had) a Gatehub account have been targeted with phishing emails. Please find below an example phishing email which is NOT a Bitvavo email.

If you received a suspicious email, contact our customer support team!

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Free Account Yes, register here
iDeal possible? Yes
Exchange Yes
Wallet Yes
Stablecoins No
Cryptocurrency 50+ cryptocurrencies
Helpdesk language Dutch
Country of residence Netherlands
Fees 0.25%
Buy with creditcard Not possible
Banktransfer Possible
Buy with iDeal Not possible
Cash out to bank Possible
More information www.bitvavo.com


Bitvavo review

What is Bitvavo

Bitonic.nl is the largest and cheapest cryptocurrency exchange in the Netherlands. Here you can buy bitcoin and 50+ other cryptocurrencies at the lowest cost. Bitvavo offers a strong platform, with secure payment methods and a clear interface to trade.


Cheapest price

Bitvavo offers bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at the best price.



Bitvavo has been a reliable player in the Netherlands for several years.



Over 50 cryptocurrencies to trade on the platform.


User friendliness

Easy to use platform thanks to the clear interface.


Is the Bitvavo exchange suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Bitvavo exchange is very suitable for beginners because of its user-friendliness and clear way of buying, selling and trading.

Does Bitvavo offer the possibility to trade different crypto currencies?

Yes, Bitvavo offers the ability to trade over 50 crypto currencies.

Is Bitvavo reliable to use?

Yes, Bitvavo is known as a very reliable trading platform. It is constantly working on security and is very transparent about it.

Is there also a Bitvavo mobile app?

 Yes, Bitvavo has a handy mobile app that allows you to buy, sell or trade mobile crypto currency.