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Bitonic is a Dutch website where you can buy bitcoin reliably, safely and quickly. It is one of the first websites in the Netherlands where this is possible, they are already active since 2012. At Bitonic you can only buy bitcoin and no other cryptocurrencies.


Bitonic is one of the most popular websites to buy bitcoin in the Netherlands.



Crypto exchange Bitonic

Bitonic is a Dutch party that makes it easy to buy and sell Bitcoin. If you have been interested in Bitcoin for a long time, you have definitely visited the Bitonic exchange website. This is the first Dutch company that has made it possible for you to buy Bitcoins using the well-known ‘IDEAL’. On this platform, you can easily buy cryptocurrencies with iDeal.

Bitonic acts as an intermediate platform between consumers and various Bitcoin trading platforms. This makes it easier for beginning traders to enter and invest in the world of Bitcoin.

The mission and main goal of the website is therefore, not for nothing; Bitcoin for everyone. Through the convenient platform that Bitonic has developed, they offer you an easy way to purchase Bitcoins.

Bitonic login and add Bitonic currency

One of the reasons why Bitonic is so popular among Dutch users is because of the extremely easy Bitonic login. Bitonic allows you to purchase Bitcoins without creating an account! All you need is an online wallet.

However, there are some limits and rules. It is not allowed by law to buy large amounts of Bitcoins without suppliers knowing who is doing business with them.

Up to $50, Bitonic allows you to purchase Bitcoins without authentication. For higher amounts, verification is required. However, unlike other Bitcoin exchanges, Bitonic does not require verification by sending you proof of identity. The authentication method of logging in to Bitonic is very simple and is done very quickly and completely automatically. This has the advantage that even during busy periods, Bitcoins can be purchased quickly without hindrance.

Verification is very easy and is completed within minutes. After entering some personal information, such as your bank account number and phone number, you will receive a verification code by SMS. You then fill in this verification code on the website to verify your number. The next step is to transfer 1 cent from your own bank account with the correct description to that of Bitonic. Within a few hours or a maximum of 1 business day, you will receive a message that your bank account has been verified.

Bitonic log in

How does buying Bitcoin on Bitonic work?

Bitonic has made buying Bitcoins a hugely easy process. It’s designed to allow you to purchase Bitcoins without any technical knowledge and with as few steps as possible. When you visit the Bitonic website, you will immediately see the widget that allows you to buy Bitonic. It allows you to specify how many Bitcoins you want to purchase. The price that is then displayed immediately gives you the all-inclusive price that Bitonic uses. This price means that there are no additional costs, such as fees, or other transaction fees.

The value of the Bitcoin is highly variable and constantly changing. It could even be that in 10 minutes, it will have a completely different value than the price you see now. It is therefore very important to keep an eye on the current Bitcoin prices. After specifying the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy from Bitonic, all you need to do is specify your Bitcoin receiving address. Then you can select your bank and make the payment.

Bitcoin kopen Bitonic

Selling Bitcoins on Bitonic

When you’ve made a nice profit and you want to sell Bitcoins for hard dollars, Bitonic gives you the opportunity to do so. When you decide to sell, Bitonic will show you the final amount they pay per Bitcoin. That way, you’ll know what the proceeds of your Bitcoin will be. This is a very positive point, unlike other Bitcoin exchanges. Often, risk factors and price decreases set a price per sale. With Bitonic, you know immediately what your Bitcoin sales are going to yield.

The payout is done by bank transfer. This is why you need to register your bank details with Bitonic. By the way, unlike other exchanges, the bank account is not checked to see if it actually belongs to you. So you can get paid on any SEPA account.

Bitonic’s payout instructions are passed on directly to the banks. These will be paid out very quickly.

Bitcoin verkopen Bitonic


Bitonic fees and other Bitonic expenses

The prices shown always include Bitonic fees and other Bitonic costs. This is quite unique, especially when compared to other exchanges where additional fees are often added to the purchase process. The fee charged by Bitonic is variable and may vary from day to day. According to Bitonics, the fee is on average 1%, which is quite average compared to other Bitcoin exchanges.

However, there are brokers that charge lower fees than the Bitonic fees. This is mainly the case during large purchases at the same time. The more Bitcoins you purchase, the cheaper the price per Bitcoin. For small transactions, the Bitcoin is generally a lot more expensive than for large transactions.

Bitonic purchases its own stocks of Bitcoins and delivers only from its own stock. They generally purchase large volumes, which is why it is possible to offer Bitcoins at relatively competitive rates.

Is Bitonic safe and is Bitonic reliable as an exchange?

Bitonic is currently the number 1 Dutch Bitcoin supplier. They only supply from their own stock and are completely transparent about their way of providing services. With several thousand satisfied customers, it is safe to say that Bitonic is a secure trading platform.

Of course it is. To make sure that Bitonic is trustworthy you can take a look on Google at one of the many reviews from users of the trading platform. Here you will often find positive posts. So this is a good indication of the reliability of Bitonic.

Bitonic review & experiences

Bitonic takes away the complicated way of trading by means of a for the Dutch very familiar and easy to use payment system, namely; IDEAL payments. This is the main reason why Bitonic has become the number one provider of Bitcoin.

Another important reason why Bitonic has become a very big player in the crypto sector in the Netherlands. Is because they deliver from their own stock. On the site, you can instantly find the cost of a particular purchase you want to make and the Bitcoins are quickly credited to your wallet.

Bitonic has sold thousands of Bitcoins from its own stock. The Bitonic experience has been very positive among the users of this Dutch trading platform.

Bitonic contact

Since May 2012 Bitonic is registered as a company at the KVK and is therefore a legitimate company. This can be found in the KVK database under number :58276149.

In addition, Bitonic has a customer service that can be reached 24/7 through many different channels. They offer you the possibility to contact us by phone, mail or social media. But also via Telegram for example, this is a channel that offers the possibility to chat with a Bitonic employee.

All in all, this indicates that Bitonic is a company that is there for you on a daily basis, and wants to help you wherever possible.

Here you can find Bitonic’s customer service center https://bitonic.nl/contact. Here you will also find all frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can contact one of our staff members through one of the many different channels.

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Follow the Bitonic news today, the crypto news Bitonic can be followed through their official Twitter account. Only official and real information would be distributed through the account below. Do you read news somewhere else? Then check if it’s here to verify it.

Free Account Yes, register here
iDeal possible? Yes
Exchange No
Wallet No
Stablecoins No
Cryptocurrency Only bitcoin
Helpdesk language Dutch
Country of residence Netherlands
Fees 1%
Buy with creditcard Not possible
Banktransfer Possible
Buy with iDeal Possible
Cash out to bank Possible
More information www.binance.com

Bitonic review

What is Bitonic

Bitonic.nl has been active in the Netherlands since 2012, making it one of the first platforms where you can buy and sell bitcoin safely, reliably and quickly. Bitonic only offers bitcoin, no other cryptocurrency.

Bitonic has a subsidiary, BL3P. This is Bitonic’s bitcoin and crypto exchange.



Bitonic only focuses on bitcoin.



Active in the world of bitcoin since 2012.


User friendliness

Easy to use platform.



Part of Bitonic is BL3P, Bitonic’s bitcoin exchange.


Need an account to purchase Bitcoin from Bitonic?

No, buying Bitcoin does not require an account with Bitonic.

However, there are a few rules. It is not allowed by law to buy large amounts of Bitcoin without suppliers knowing who is doing business with them.

Is Bitonic a secure platform to buy Bitcoin?

Yes, Bitonic is currently the number one supplier of Bitcoin in the Netherlands. Bitonic supplies Bitcoin exclusively from its own stock and has thousands of satisfied customers. So it’s safe to say that Bitonic is a highly secure platform.

Which cypto currency can you trade on Bitonic?

On Bitonic, it is only possible to buy and sell Bitcoin. It is not possible to trade other crypto currencies.

What is the amount of fees Bitonic charges per transaction?

Bitonic uses an average fee level of 1%.