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Value of Bitcoin

When talking about Bitcoin, it’s not strange to hear that its value can fluctuate a lot, and sometimes it makes people look at it with hesitation. What if your hard-earned money “evaporates” so quickly? That’s why it’s good to know what’s behind the value of Bitcoin so that you can have more comfortable bitcoin. Many people wonder how much a bitcoin is worth and what it’s actually worth. There are a number of factors responsible for determining the value of bitcoin, and understanding them can certainly help you make the right decisions.

Bitcoin value history

When Bitcoin came into being, it was already certain how much would be involved. That also ensures that the value is somewhat fixed at some point. However, there are large fluctuations when there is a sudden demand or when there is a massive demand to get rid of the Bitcoins. What is striking is that there is no direct relationship between the value of Bitcoin and developments on the stock exchanges. This makes it so unpredictable to predict the value and therefore makes speculation a lot more difficult. It creates a level playing field and makes investing in Bitcoin even more attractive so that wealthy individuals cannot “manipulate” the price to their advantage.  Historically, all value developments can be tracked on the different platforms.

Below is a Bitcoin value chart that shows you the (lowest) value of bitcoin for each year. This clearly shows that each year the Bitcoin price gets higher.


Value of Bitcoin over the years Lowest Price Date Highest Price Datum
2019 € 2.928,67 29-jan € 12.223,31 26-jun
2018 € 2.775,40 15-dec € 15.249,53 06-jan
2017 € 707,06 12-jan € 16.727,68 17-dec
2016 € 314,69 16-jan € 937,90 28-dec
2015 € 135,85 14-jan € 426,79 18-dec
ATH (All time highest price): € 16.727,68 17-12-’17    

The Bitcoin value is considered a safe investment

Bitcoin’s all-digital nature ensures that it is still seen as a safe alternative to investing in other sources such as stocks or even precious metals. The fact that Bitcoin is completely separate from the banking sector also makes it attractive to invest in. However, the value can be affected when more Bitcoins are released through Bitcoin mining. However, it is unlikely that more Bitcoins will be released and the value will decrease significantly. All of this has to do with the high demand for bitcoins, so it is unlikely that the value will drop much. The sharp decline in 2018 came unexpectedly, but the value has recovered somewhat after the sharp decline. It is noteworthy, however, that from the beginning of Bitcoin in 2007, the value has risen sharply. The btc value has risen by many thousands of percent.

It therefore remains an attractive option to invest in Bitcoin, especially how this digital money is accepted by more and more agencies as a means of payment and it is seen as a safe haven. Its ease of use, combined with the many other features it offers, still makes Bitcoin value one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Table with value of the bitcoin per year

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