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Bitcoin’s movements on the exchange (actually more of a digital trading platform) should be monitored with the help of a partner. Anyone who invests in the purchase of this digital money can call on a number of companies that offer their services there. These are “brokers” and through them, it is possible to transfer payments directly for the purchase or sale of Bitcoin. The order for the transactions may be given in advance when a certain price of Bitcoin level is reached. Also called the bitcoin price. This is how a broker looks at all price developments from a historical perspective and can react to them quickly.

Below you’ll find a Bitcoin price chart which shows you the bitcoin price history as of January 1 of each year, with also the change and the percentage growth or decrease each year. The reason why more and more people want to own bitcoin in order to increase the price exponentially over the years, buying bitcoin is therefore becoming more and more popular.

Bitcoin price chart

Year Bitcoin Price ($) Change ($) Year-over-year (%)
2020 7,188.46 3,318.99 85.77
2019 3,869.47 -9,542.97 -71.15
2018 13,412.44 12,414.75 1,244.35
2017 997.69 563.23 129.64
2016 434.46 120.54 38.40
2015 313.92 -456.51 -59.25
2014 770.44 757.13 5,690.96
2013 13.30 8.04 152.56
2012 5.27 4.97 1,655.90
2011 0.30 0.21 249.65
2010 0.09 0 0

Bitcoin price stock

When talking about the Bitcoin price stock or price of bitcoin, there should be no confusion with the common financial exchanges where, among other things, trading in shares takes place. The lack of an identifiable link indicates that investing in Bitcoin is an independent way of capturing your assets. Of course, price developments are linked to supply and demand, and the peak in 2017 – 2019 is a good example. In addition to Bitcoin, there are now many other cryptocurrencies and this competition also causes price fluctuations.

What is certain is that investing in Bitcoin is seen as a safe alternative and therefore, in uncertain times, there will be a massive switch to digital money. Even in financially better times, there is a tendency to reduce risk and therefore to invest a portion of their savings in Bitcoin. If you want to take advantage of the differences in exchange rates, you can go with a CFD broker. Depending on the agreements made, an agreed ratio of the difference will be paid out if the price rises or falls. Everything comes with the necessary risks and it is wise to be well informed about this form of earning at the Bitcoin price.

The world of Bitcoin should not be a stranger to big investors, but to anyone who wants to participate in this cryptocurrency. Involve a broker to make the right investments on the Bitcoin market and enjoy the changes in the Bitcoin price.


Within the financial world, digital money has been on the rise for some time now. This virtual money is therefore not physically available, but can simply be used to make payments within giro traffic. Thus, Bitcoin is still the “most popular” within this group of money and its value varies. Everything depends on the exchange rate at that time, and it is good to keep an eye on it. For example, the price depends on a large number of factors, which can cause the value to increase or decrease rapidly.

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Yes, the graph above shows the current bitcoin price. You can view the price per day, per 7 days, per month, per year and since the start.

What is the price expectation?

In our article bitcoin course expectation you can read more about the expectations of experts based on new developments and market demand.