Discover the Bitcoin price prediction today

Bitcoin price prediction

What are the prediction for the BTC course in 2020? Is it going to fall or is bitcoin really going to fall this year?“to the moon”? The predictions of many experts are high, developments also look positive. On this page we give an overview of the developments in the crypto market.  In addition, we have made a selection of exchanges where you can buy the best.


Is bitcoin a good investment for this year? What do the figures say about the price? What predictions have already been made?

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Bitcoin price prediction

The price of the Bitcoin has risen enormously in recent years. On January 1, 2013, Bitcoin was valued at approximately US $ 13.51, and on November 28, 2013, Bitcoin’s price closed above US $ 1000 for the first time. With that amount, Bitcoin was worth 74 times more in less than a year. Because the Bitcoin is decentralized, you can trade the Bitcoin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You regularly see large fluctuations in the price of the Bitcoin during the weekend.

Many people therefore trade Bitcoins in their spare time. In recent years, it seems as if the price keeps rising, although there are also days with sharp declines. The supply and demand also determine the course. The price had already risen again in November 2017. So people who got in at the time made a small fortune. The Bitcoin price is generally expressed in US dollars, but of course you can also trade Bitcoins with your euros. In the short term, the Bitcoin price seems to be able to rise. This is because many more people are interested in it.

Bitcoin price per year Lowest price Date Highest price Datum
2019 € 2.928,67 29-jan € 12.223,31 26-jun
2018 € 2.775,40 15-dec € 15.249,53 06-jan
2017 € 707,06 12-jan € 16.727,68 17-dec
2016 € 314,69 16-jan € 937,90 28-dec
2015 € 135,85 14-jan € 426,79 18-dec
ATH (all time highest): € 16.727,68 17-12-’17    

Bitcoin price forecast and forecast in 2020

The price has a positive development so far in 2019, with already three times the value of what is the lowest point in 2019. Many now naturally wonder: What is the expectation of bitcoin in 2020?
Nobody can indicate this exactly, but what is certain is that there are many positive developments.

Some Bitcoin 2020 developments:

  • A great opportunity for an approval of a bitcoin ETF
  • launch BAKKT futures
  • Bitcoin halving
  • More adoption by major brands and stores
  • More smartphones with crypto wallet integration
  • More banks accepting cryptocurrency
  • More ways to pay with bitcoin and crypto

One of the most important developments in 2020 will be the halving. This means that scarcity will increase. This will happen around May 2020. There is a very good chance that this will lead to a large growth with a growing demand for bitcoin.

Many predictions show that Bitcoin will pass the €25,000+ mark in 2020, with the halving of bitcoin in May, increasing acceptance, and government regulation the most important factors. Finally, scarcity will also become increasingly important the closer we get to the 21 million bitcoins. The table below also shows a prediction based on the halving in the past.

bitcoin halvering verwachting

Bitcoin price prediction

Bitcoin’s share price is still characterised by large fluctuations. This is called price volatility. Some people wonder why the price is fluctuating all the time. To do this, you can compare the total market capitalization in cryptocurrencies with other financial markets. Compared to other markets, the crypto staking currency market is still very small. This means that relatively little capital is needed to make the price move. The person who knows how to predict the price can make a lot of money. However, the most important thing is how the Bitcoin ecosystem evolves. The number of people using Bitcoin increases every year. Also, more transactions are made with Bitcoin. However, it remains difficult to predict where Bitcoin’s price will go in the short term. When Bitcoin becomes truly mainstream, the price can still rise sharply.

How Bitcoin works

Bitcoin offers the ability to make fast, secure, and inexpensive payments without the intervention of a bank or central processor. The system transactions take place directly between users’ digital portfolios and are verified in the blockchain. The transactions are digitally signed with unique private keys, which prove that they originate from the owner of the digital wallet. All transactions are public and permanently stored in the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin addresses are the only information used to determine where Bitcoins are assigned and where they are sent. These addresses are created by the user.

Bitcoin as currency

The legal status varies from country to country, but the list of countries that accept Bitcoin is constantly being expanded. It works independently of the banks in contrast to other currencies. The Bitcoin network also has no other central point or a single administrator, making it a decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin spreads around the world as a valid payment method, allowing you to purchase various goods and services. This stimulates the demand for Bitcoin. The rate of Bitcoin is determined by what people are willing to pay for it. In the beginning, it was only worth $20, and not too long after that, it was worth over $200. It is, as in other markets, based on supply and demand. But what’s unique about bitcoin is that only a fixed number of bitcoins will eventually be available. This number is 21 million.

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies can change value very quickly within a short period of time. On some days, the price can rise very quickly, but it can also fall that quickly. This is not the case with normal currencies. People who want to buy or sell Bitcoins come together on a Bitcoin exchange. There, the value of a Bitcoin is determined on the basis of supply and demand. The Bitcoin is getting much stronger nowadays and many people are showing interest in it. This can cause the price to rise. As demand increases, there are even companies that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. The global acceptance of bitcoin is growing tremendously.


In addition to the course, it is also interesting to see what developments are taking place in the crypto industry.

Interest on your bitcoin

We have been used to getting 0% interest on our euro for years now. But did you know that you can earn interest on your Crypto at different exchanges? This is one of the trends we see this year. On this page we explain it further.

ATM Cards

Another very positive development is the emergence of more ATM cards. This makes it easier to use crypto in everyday life. This year a large number of bitcoin debit cards have already been added and we expect this number to only increase.


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Note: None of the information on this page, is investment advice. Bitcoin is a new digital means of payment and means of value. You can see it as a way of exchanging value directly from person to person, without involving a third party. Bitcoin is a digital currency also called cryptocurrency. The transactions are secured within the infrastructure and form an issued online database also called a blockchain. Basically, there are four ways to get bitcoins. You can accept Bitcoin for the sale of services and goods, by downsizing or buying Bitcoin, or by receiving them as a means of payment.

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Frequently asked questions about BTC

Isn’t your question in there? Then please contact us.

How to predict the price?

Predicting the price? Who wouldn’t want to, who knows what will happen to the course can become enormously rich. The price is based on supply and demand, just like other means of investment. As soon as demand increases, the price would also increase. BTC’s supply can no longer increase.

How can I prepare?

Anyone who wants to benefit from a possible rise must be well prepared. It starts of course with the right knowledge and research. You have to be able to understand what is going on in the crypto market..

Besides, you want to be able to strike if you think the time is right. We recommend that you have a verified account with multiple exchanges. This way you can already get familiar with their system.