Bitcoin Lending

Lending Bitcoin or other crypto for daily returns? This is best done with the platforms below. Take a look at the best bitcoin lending and crypto lending platforms at the moment and start earning more.


BTC lending? Where do you get the highest return?

BTC Lending


Most attractive interest rate at the moment.

To Celcius


Attractive interest on bitcoin and ethereum.

To Blockfi

No less than 6% interest on BTC by strike.


Approximately 5% interest on BTC and Ethereum.

To Coinloan


Various possibilities to stop approval for high returns.

To Kraken

Binance Lending

Low yields, but a user-friendly platform.

To Bitonic

Best Bitcoin lending sites

Many also call it bitcoin peer-2-peer lending. Because someone who wants to lend and someone who wants to make his bitcoin available can come to an agreement together via various platforms. There are now several platforms that offer this, the most well-known of which are Nexo and Binance lending. But more and more big players are coming to offer a Bitcoin lending platform.

What are the bitcoin lending rates?

At the moment, lending rates still differ greatly in the market, ranging from 0.50% to around 8%. Which is of course a big difference if we look at the year on year. We have looked at all platforms and selected the best options which you can find above. They offer the best rates on your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin lending service

Bitcoin is very popular not only as a digital currency and currency but also as a value. Because of this, bitcoin can be used very well to get a loan. A bitcoin loan is exactly the same as a loan from a bank. As a user, you can take out a loan for personal purposes or for trading if you are engaged in margin trading, where bitcoin is an undervalued asset. When you take out a loan, you can choose whether you want to repay the loan monthly or in a period of time. In the meantime there are several large parties which are keeping themselves busy with the lending services like Binance and Nexo. On these platforms you can ‘stop’ your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This means that you get daily, weekly or monthly interest without having to do anything.

Frequently asked questions about BTC

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